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talent view

Talent View

Uphold the principle of "respect for human values, the development of human potential, the sublimation of the human soul" talent for work purposes, the day thousand into a all rivers run into sea organization, in the organization, the ordinary people to become good people, good people become outstanding person, Everfountpeople realize their dream of life here.
To foster and train a team to win the market leader, creating organizational advantage and leading value orientation, there is a sense of mission and sense of responsibility personnel, support to achieve strategic objectives, Huarun continued talent pursuit. Day thousand from life, emotion, care staff growth link.
Day thousand people cherish their own inner dream and pursuit, because of the dream has become moredynamic, more creative, more than other organization and individual motivation, self realization realm of sublimation.


Talent management

Personnel management development from a strategic and organizational requirements, around day thousandtalent team construction, according to the management system of different talents group formation of difference,constitute the talent standards, planning, selection, training, use and retain the management loop.
Day thousand promote key staff of multiple posts and cross functional, cross industry experience, constantly optimize the person and post matching degree of people, with the team, people and organizations, improve the structure and level of staff, to keep the passion and vitality of the organization.